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As a proponent in the area for pharmacies’s forniture for over fifty years, our mission is based on the customer's desires e and it respects the rules of the market, constantly changing. creative design and production expertise, acquired through a long history in the tradition of classic Italian furniture. We firmly believe that by improving the business environment improves the quality of work.
We work hard to maitain our work in that direction. Open a pharmacy without problems, you can leave us any your worry our projects are , designed and manufactured according to your specific requests.
The ten-year experience in the field, has allowed us to test the design criteria usefull to maximize space and to be dynamic and functional but above,we studied the system to thoroughly enforce those visual merchindiser criteria that make the direct commercial communication is as close as possible to the end user.

We have worked over the years to combine marketing and design technology in order to create quality environments and to put this experience at your disposal. Our offer consists of a wide range of design services from 3d accomplishment of bureaucratic Parthian, the works management to after-sales because the customer does not feel alone. Your satisfaction is our commitment.
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The difference between something normal and extraordinary is that little detail.

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